Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Grindhouse, A Broken Home

Grindhouse is the nihilistic double feature that opened last weekend and came with with pseudo-trailers ('Don't' & Eli Roth's 'Thanksgiving' were hella funny!).

In my opinion Grindhouse was good, but it didn't live up to Harvey Weinstein's expectations (as far as box office sales went). Maybe it was a good movie in the eyes of the general public, but coming in fourth after Are We Done Yet?, Meet The Robinson's, and Blades of Glory wasn't good enough for Weinstein, and so he's changing the promotional plan.

According to Harvey Weinstein the European game plan is to separate the double feature for theaters.

So why didn't Grindhouse do as well as expected? Here are some factors that are getting tossed around:

Movie Length ("3 hours?! Forget about it, let's watch Will Farrell & John Typecast Hedar ice skate and get uncomfortably close to each others moose knuckles").

Most people don't know what a "Grindhouse" is. According to IMDB, a "Grindhouse" was a type of inner city theatre that would play all night marathons of low budget exploitation films in the 60s, 70s and early 80s.

Lots of people didn't get what the movie was about. It was marketed solely by the names of the directors, and movie posters and previews didn't make clear that it was a double feature Zombie Movie/ Psycho-maniac-killer flick.

The marketing also neglected to "educate the Midwest and south". They did the majority of postering and promoting on the East & West Coast with a $30 million marketing budget. The movie would bring in fans of Rodriguez and Tarantino in, but would not bring the average American family in Kansas out on Easter weekend.

What did you think of Grindhouse? Would you go see it? What did you think of it? What was your favorite part?

To me it was one part Kentucky Fried Movie, one part Rocky Horror, with bits of Pulp Fiction, Dawn of the Dead and Joy Ride. I admit that I was ready to leave my leather chair in Directors Hall 1 at the Bridge, but I was satisfied when I stayed because I thought it was a good movie even though 3 hours and 12 minutes were spent putting cheek imprints into my seat.

I was expecting Sin City meets Jackie Brown . . . and that's sort of what I got out of it.




modemlooper said...

I loved it and think they should make Thanksgiving into a full movie!

adav20 said...

I thougt Grindhouse was amazing, it doesnt bother me that all of those kids movies beat it, because all that that is a bunch of little kids begging their parents. But in reality, Grindhouse was the best movie of the year so far.
(Grindhouse 2 please! Machete and thanksgiving!)

The Groupster said...

Agreed adav20, I loved it too!

Modemlooper, maybe you should make your own You-Tube-esque version of Thanksgiving.

The Groupster said...

I've noticed that in Los Angeles there have been way more bench ads & posters for Deathproof. They are pushing the Tarintino more!