Tuesday, April 03, 2007

God Of War II Played Thru

Dear Groupster, I would like to tell you that God of War was an excellent game, and God of War II was even better. Slicing down Satyrs and pounding red orbs out of Barbarians has been making my day for the past two weeks. I borrowed the original God of War from a friend back in late fourth quarter 05'/ and first quarter 06' and had a great time playing it.

March 24th, It was a boring Saturday, and after a whole week of debating whether I should dig into my pockets and fork over my $50, I walked into Gamestop in the Crenshaw Mall to pick up my fresh copy of God of War II. When I asked for a copy of the game I was surprised to be carded by the employee helping me. I showed him my Ohio ID and it said I will be turning 19 on March 27th. More than old enough! After his approval I traded in a copy of Need For Speed: Carbon to get only $15 off!! (Gamestop makes lots of money doing things like that).

I'll skip the description of walking home & ripping off the packaging. I won't tell you about how I prepared a snack, ate a slice of pizza, or any of that. Here is the meat and potatoes (I only ate potato chips though). Ok, enough of that!

The main screen was very similar to the first God of War, no surprises.

In the beginning it looked pretty nice on our LCD and Plasma screens, however later on when I got to darker and more shaded parts of the game I found I couldn't see (like duh! its dark!), but there wasn't an option in the game to make it brighter and the brightness and contrast settings on my TV wouldn't bring the dark patches out ! Sometimes while fighting enemies I'd end up getting hit because I couldn't block, because I couldn't see the enemy in the dark corner.

That takes very little from the game play though, and I guess it's a realistic factor. Like, if you're a Spartan demi-God and you fight hella monsters, well, falling into dark shade and not being able to see an oncoming attack is more or less an occupational hazard. That goes along the lines of being mauled by Cerberi, turned to stone by Gorgons, and falling to your death. Apparently you are now granted immunity to being burned to death and drowning.

I was very satisfied with everything in the first God of War. I'm a simple man who feels that there is always room for improvement but I'm generally content with what's going on ("Mr. Go with the flow"). Regardless of how I feel though, the good old guys at SCE Santa Monica made slight changes on some aspects of the game play. Nothing drastic, just things like new fatalities & kill sequences, opening doors, and sliding down walls.

Kratos's combos are pretty much the same, the way he swings those blades is just as bloodthirsty and malevolent as before, maybe even a little more so.

The FMVs graphics are still impressive and detailed. The scenery and backdrops are bigger than ever and beautiful. The salacious and slightly hedonistic activity that took place in the first God of War is pretty much eliminated (there really wasn't much in the first one to begin with) with the exception of about an odd number of exposed breasts. I can really only recall seeing one.

I have played through most of the game on hard (God) mode and I'm stuck fighting through a difficult part before the final battle. God of War II is a very challenging game, and playing on hard mode makes it all the more difficult. It's a bit nerdy, but I feel a bit of a smile on the inside when I triumph in a difficult battle. I've yelled obscenities, and gestured to throw the joystick out the window when smitten by the blade of a simple grunt at the end of a difficult battle, but so far the game has been an enjoyable experience.

It's definitely very challenging, and one of best games in its genre. It's really up there with the greats, and a must have for Playstation owners. I've got to say God of War is getting ready to be to Sony what Zelda is to Nintendo.

Have any of you out there played God of War 1 or 2? or are you into any certain video games and would like to hear my take on it? Dont be afraid to leave comments, You will get a response.



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