Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fuzzy Wuzzy

I live in an art / design / comics / designer toy obsessed household, and one of our faves, who does all of the above, is Tara McPherson. We first encountered her at the San Diego Comic-con a few years ago, and her weepy punk rock girls have been cutting their own hearts out on our walls ever since.

So when we saw that she was doing a signing at the ever-cool Kid Robot down the street on Melrose last week, of course we headed on over.

These are the lovely, fuzzy vinyl toys Ms. McPherson was premiering:

We brought some home with us. They're soft and they have the sweetest faces. And they came with a coloring book, too!

Here is Tara M signing one of her space foxes:

And, if you look real close, there I am in the background. I'm the fuzzy white coat whose face is behind the head of the girl getting her toy signed. I really was there, I swear!

- Sasha

Thanks much to Kid Robot and Tara McPherson

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