Wednesday, April 04, 2007

FreeHand Hand Pocket

I thought fanny packs made people look mad stupid. I guess they look cool if you made the song "camel toe", if you're at a Nickelodeon function in the early 90's, on the Catwalk, or even if you're packin' heat.

I know it's getting hard to carry all your gear. Yes, it's difficult to have your Palm Treo, Your Tmobile Sidekick, and iPod 80 GB, all along with your .45 cal.

There's carrying cases for all of those, but now your belt is covered in carrying clips. You have your iPod either hanging from your neck or strapped to your arm. Your cargo pockets (yuk!) are filled with memory storage devices. What are you going to do?

Have no fear! The Free Hand carrying case makes use of that free space on the back of your hand. Yeah you'll look like a total tool wearing it, but who cares? You've got an extra pocket, don't you? Mad props for extra space.

$22 out your pocket will get you a pocket that can store whatever. Credit cards, money, phones, electronic devices, etc.



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