Wednesday, April 04, 2007

DialIdol Says Jordin Lost Her Sparks

The results are in. According to phone votes after last night's Idol show, Jordin Sparks received the fewest votes.

DialIdol is software that can speed-dial Idol votes after the show. It measures the busy signal to predict who will be voted off. DialIdol was 87% accurate for Season 5 of American Idol and has accurately predicted the winner of every show it has covered.

If DialIdol's shocking predictions are correct, it proves anything is possible on Idol. Jordin made two mistakes: she sang a boring song and she went back to her curly hair. She looked like she did back in auditions. People like to see a transformation. When Jordin's hair is straight and she sings a power ballad, she looks like a star. Last night she looked and sounded like an average girl in a high school musical. If you sing a boring song and have a boring look then people aren't going to vote for you.

Now I admit I texted my nine votes in last night (7 for Haley, 2 for Sanjaya). The text votes can alter the phone votes, creating the margin of error in DialIdol. You never know what to expect. Sanjaya has already recieved a promotional offer with KFC for $10,000, and that's only the beginning. Haley and Sanjaya only have moderate singing abilities, but their showmanship and likability keeps them ahead of the better singers.

Phil Stacy deserves to go for his lack of performance ability and unpleasant voice. Melinda was the best last night and deserves to be on top. Sanjaya and Haley will suprise us every episode with something daring and entertaining!

Remember DialIdol got it right last season..

Support Haley, our sassy Idol.


Yours Truly, Tim

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