Thursday, April 26, 2007

Custom Cardboard Cot

Besides 7-year-olds, who would ever look towards cardboard as furniture? Someone who spells customizable like this "Customisable". The little fashion gallery has a cardboard cot/ baby crib. The fully cardboard crib comes un-assembled with wheels and complies with safety and comfort standards, so your child will not be sleeping on what feels like a jail cot. get it here.




Siyang said...


Thank you for your article about And thank you for pointing out the spelling mistake. We are a startup company, the site was launched last November, and the seconde version just came out. I am Chinese and the fonder of the site is French, so from time to time, there could be mistakes. We are very open for any advice.

Thank you again for your article.

Ps. why not a little game, the reader who can find most mistakes win the bed! :-)


modemlooper said...