Monday, April 23, 2007

Crocs Clogs Banned, Too Much Static

Being the sneaker-lover that I am, I feel it's my duty to bring you the latest news when it comes to shoes. Crocs clogs, the ugly plastic shoes they sell on a cart at LA's over-the-top mini-Vegas, the Grove, are in danger of being banned from Blekinge hospital in Sweden. The reason given is that the clogs seem to generate static electricity that could interfere with medical equipment like respirators.

Being that Crocks shoes are comfortable, affordable, simple, and worn in many hospitals in many countries, this is kind of a big deal, this is an issue of comfort vs safety. Nobody was harmed in the three incidents where Crocs may have caused an interference with hospital equipment, but someone being harmed as the result of an equipment malfunction is possible.

Safety comes first, so it is very likely that Crocs will be banned. The company has yet to post a press release about this on their site, so stay posted.

This is why I'm strictly Nike, my shoes never put The Groupster computers on the fritz.



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