Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Can Hilary Duff Dance?

I keep running into the people who film the Yahoo! Pepsi SmashWord On The Street segment on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. Jay Leno also films one of The Late Show segments in the same area at night. I've been on WOTS a couple times and on my way to Starbucks the other day I ran into the videographer who said he just returned from Italy filming webisodes with Hilary Duff. He said he had an unbelievable time and that she was a 'really sweet girl'.

Check out the Hilary Duff webisodes right here. This first episode follows Hilary learning choreography in LA before she flies to Milan to film her music video for With Love. Check out the the webisode first, then watch the video below. Do you think she got the moves right?

The Duffster has recently been receiving rave reviews for her new album Dignity and critics say she is actually transforming into a viable long-term recording artist. That is definitely leaps and bounds beyond what anyone has said about Lindsay Lohan's music.

Here is the theatrical music video, she dances in an elevator..

Yours Truly, Tim

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