Friday, April 20, 2007

Britney & Sanjaya: Beautiful Idol Duets

According to a report set for publication in this week's Star Magazine Britney loves Sanjaya. "Britney started watching American Idol when she was in rehab," a source tells the Star. "She became a huge Sanjaya fan and thinks the two of them can make beautiful music together." It looks like a duet.

Sanjaya will have the time to help Britney with her comeback since he's been booted from Idol. The report claims she wants to take advantage of his huge pre-teen fan base. Remember, teary-eyed Ashley?

"Britney wants to cash in on some of the Sanjaya mania because he is getting so much attention right now she feels that if the two of them record a record together it will help get her back on the charts." The report claims she has asked her agents to contact Malakar.

Here are some brilliant possiblities for star powered Idol duets:

Sanjaya & Julien
"Like a Virgin"

Antonella Barba & J.Lo
"Me Against the Music"

Haley Scarnato & Jay-Z
"Crazy in Love"

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via[National Ledger]

Will Ashlee Simpson sing a duet with The Cure?
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