Friday, April 20, 2007

Better Than Vitamin Water

I didn't know that Vitamin Water has a half-life of sorts during its shelf-life. As time goes on the Vitamins give up their gusto, making the water you're drinking have less nutritional value than promised. So to make a vitamin dosage work effectively with your beverage, VIZ developed the VIZcap (patent-pending) "a cap with a sealed, moisture-free chamber that contains effervescence". So just pop the plunger top (like Japanese Ramune Soda!) & watch the Alkaseltzer effect take place to get your potent dose of nutrients & vitamins.

The VIZcap could be a new way to take your medicine. Just go to the cabinet and pick the cap you want, protein caps, caffeine caps, iron caps, Bologna caps (jp) etc.



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