Thursday, March 08, 2007

YouNews: Broadcast Your News!

YouNews Lets you broadcast your news. I'm just putting youtubes slogan on it (there is no connection with Youtube: "Broadcast Yourself!"). was recently launched by Fisher Communications, Journal Broadcast Group and Granite Broadcasting.

The website for YouNews lets its users (who are made of civilians like you the writers and readers of the Groupster) submit their own stories, editorials, videos, pictures to be viewed by editors and put on the site to be viewed by the public. The term is called "Stringers". Users of the site submit news to possibly be used by the actual news (newspapers, news websites, television, radio etc.).

YouNewsTV could be a "you heard it here first" platform for all types of news, big or small stories.

Also news companies will be viewing material on the site and your story can be used on news programs. (I don't think you get paid for it either, but so what? Your story got on the news! ^_^)

Videos hosted by YouNews will bring profits to the owners by placing 15 second advertisements before the footage (similar to Yahoo Launch. Gotta pay the bills)

Citizen Journalism has brought about breaking news before (Think "just a man with a camera". Random civilians capture on-scene and in-depth footage of things.) and I'm sure that YouNewsTV will bring about a lot more stories to the 5 o'clock news and whatnot.

I looked at the site and saw videos that did not have much relevance just like Youtube. (footage of a dog licking another dog, and a video of someone jumping off a swing set and landing on the camera man). I'm sure things like that will be edited out and replaced with relevant material.

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