Tuesday, March 20, 2007

WWDC Details From Apple

Its 2007, there's lots going on in the world of tech, and there's always a convention going on.

To Exampleize (Yes. I made that word up) You have CES, CeBit,and E3.

Apple makes noise at conventions by announcing iPhones and new Operating systems but they also have their own convention where only the Apple shines.

That is the Worldwide Developers Convention is the platform, and will run from June 11-15. (You might be able to get Steve Jobs to autograph your iPod)

The crowd-bringers are the updates on the new OSX Leopard & the iPhone of course, but there is also more to offer. With tickets running through your pocket book at about the price of a 13-inch Macbook ($1,295) only those who are serious and not into conventions for the cool-factor will be going.

Here's whats on the menu for Convention goers:

Leopard Innovations. Transform your application with powerful new
Mac OS X Leopard technologies. Learn more...

Mac OS X Essentials. Learn the essential ingredients needed to build world-class products for Mac OS X. Learn more...

Developer Tools. Reach new levels of productivity using ground-breaking development tools. Learn more...

Information Technologies. Learn to use, develop for, integrate, and manage Mac OS X Leopard and Mac OS X Leopard Server. Learn more...

Graphics and Imaging. Add advanced audio, video, imaging, and graphics capabilities to your application. Learn more...

Content and Media. Learn best practices for production and development of rich-media for desktop, devices and the Web. Learn more...

Peep the WWDC 06 Schwagg

Well, its in June. I can start saving up now ^_^ Psyche!

Via JOnas, Cnet News, and Developer.Apple.com


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