Friday, March 30, 2007

Will Sanjaya's Singing Kill?

American Idol 6 is finally heating up. Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar, the most unique contestant this season by far, has aroused attention worldwide (the Brits LOVE him). He has even incited a hunger strike.

A girl who calls herself 'J' has launched a hunger strike, saying she won't eat until Sanjaya is BOOTED off American Idol. The overzealous Idol fan has been on strike for 13 days.

After Tuesday night's episode, she wrote, "Tomorrow is Wednesday, hopefully the day that will save my life."

When J didn't update her daily blog Wednesday after Sanjaya trounced the competition, it prompted the public to wonder, 'has J died?' Well J is still alive and sustaining her protest with water, vitamins and an undying addiction to American Idol.

J, I would like you to look into this weeping child's eyes (Ashley) and tell her that Sanjaya isn't good enough. Do you see any of the other contestants making people cry tears of happiness?

Creating chaos it the sign of a true star and Sanjaya has done just that. He deserves to be a rock star and our American Idol.

Yours Truly, Tim


Anonymous said...

sanjaya malakar is a true american hero. i hope he wins, i'll be right there crying with ashlee!!!

The Groupster said...

Access Hollywood gave Ashlee a makeover and she got to meet Sanjaya in person on Tuesday. AC did an amazing service to the world.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha, that girl is a loser!