Wednesday, March 28, 2007

WikiSky? Google Skys?

I'm fanatical about Google maps. I love to just scroll around and see what's where. Map mode or hybrid is fine.

I'm fanatical about space, too. I've always loved learning all I can about anything space-related. Pictures, articles, news, documentaries, whatever. I love it all!

I love Wikipedia. I read Wikis and tab surf with hyperlinks.

But I really love when things I love come together.

What happens when Google Maps, Space, And Wikipedia mix? You get

It takes photos of the Skymap and lets you scroll all over our whole view of the sky Google Map style. You can search for constellations by name via a search box. It wouldn't let me find the planet Mars, but if you know the coordinates I'm sure it would be relatively simple to pinpoint it.

It's just stars your looking at though. Google Maps has way more to look at, considering that the things you're looking at are more than points of light. So I'll probably give 30 minutes to WIKIsky. Very interesting though.



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