Friday, March 02, 2007

What was hailed as the iPhone killer is also considerably cheaper!

I have been following, for some time now, the development of the Meizu M8. The reason why I have been following this development so attentively, is due to the fact that I had previously labeled it as the iPhone killer.

Every time I have claimed that I get a ridiculous amount of comments criticising me and saying that its just a blatant rip off. That might be true but let me explain. The iPhone as of yet has no release date nor any real estimates for a release in Asia.

Anybody who knows about the cell phone industry will tell you that Asia is one of its biggest markets, and with the rise of consumer spending power in China and India the whole industry is eying the region.

So let us think carefully, if cell phone manufacturers there know that at least the design of the iPhone will be successful, and they also know that people will be hungry for it (since their are no release plans) why not make something which mimics the iPhone?

I think that we cannot blame Meizu for this but yes Apple. Today Meizu finally released its price details. The phone is also considerably cheaper the Apple iPhone, which means a lot not only in Asia but anywhere (most analysts say the iPhone is too expensive to succeed). There will be Two versions of the phone, one with a camera and one without. The entry-level and standard versions will be released in both 4GB and 8GB models. The price will be approximately $195 for the 4GB model without camera and the 8GB version will be roughly $285. The standard version with camera will be $310 for the 4GB and the 8GB will be $400.

So as I've said before, is this an iPhone clone? Undoubtedly. Could it kill the iPhone in Asia? Depends how quickly Apple releases it over there, if they take too long... Probably.

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