Thursday, March 15, 2007

Trimspa Goes Tivo-Proof

To confront a post-Anna Nicole Smith sales slump, Trimspa will follow in the footsteps of FX and KFC and feature a Tivo-Proof commercial that cannot be skipped with your DVR remote.

You may remember a few months ago when companies such as Honda and Cadillac were created five second forgettable commercials. Even McDonald's debuted a one second 'I'm Lovin It' commercial. This battle against the DVR remote has been upped by the infiltration of these Tivo-Proof commercials already aired by KFC and FX.

In a few weeks, the New Jersey-based company will offer their new Tivo-Proof ad that will feature more than 400 before and after photos of regular people who use TrimSpa weight-loss supplements. It will stay on your television screen no matter how many times you hit the fast-forward button.

"We recently lost our most celebrated success story and spokesperson, Anna Nicole, and the company is doing its best to restage, relaunch ... reposition the brand in a new campaign," said Tony Azzizzo, president of Goen Technologies.

"It's not just that this commercial is cool and different. It has a lot of gravity to it because it's going to be, if not the first, one of the first new TrimSpa commercials post-Anna Nicole."

Being that Trimspa is available all over the place even at your local 7-11, it should have no trouble repositioning its metabolism-enhancing drugs to fickle consumers. But for us media addicted individuals we hope they will be able to top this classic Trimspa commercial, especially if we can’t fast forward through it.

Thanks Advertising Age!


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Anonymous said...

I hope they bring back the vintage anna commercials, so legendary! so beautiful!