Monday, March 19, 2007

TakaraTomy Does Jedi Mind Tricks On Babys

Baby toy manufacturers keep coming with innovative ways to put your kid to sleep. Baby's became impervious to the monkey with the symbols. They've done the sloshing & heart beat sounds of the womb before. They've done baby Mickey before.

Now they are doing the Issho Ni Nenne a $45 smart Mickey Mouse doll. Deep within the Mickeys bowls is a digital music player that plays sounds recorded from a mothers womb while music played on the outside.

It'll sedate your baby and keep it asleep and reminiscing about the days it spent in its mother.

And when the Kid wakes up alone next to a Giant Rat? He lets out an annoying whine that Mickey senses the noise and serves up another round of sounds from the mothers womb.

Now your kid can sleep all through their terrible twos.

Via Engadget


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