Thursday, March 15, 2007

Takara Tomy's Doggy Digital Camera!

A dog and its digital camera. This Takara Tomy (Japan) creation could totally take off in the US. Especially in a city like LA, where people push dogs around in baby strollers, carry them in their purse, buy them designer clothes, and take them to the spa to get owner/doggy massages.

Why NOT buy them a camera to record their adventures with you?

The ¥5,980 ($50) Wonderful Shot is a 0.35-megapixel camera that straps onto the front of your dog’s collar. The 38g camera comes with a remote control handset that allows you to activate the shutter when you think your dog as a good photo opportunity. Or it can be set to take photos at regular intervals while you are out at Starbucks or on your way to the beach with little Mimi Larue.

The photo on the right is a not well thought out doggy shot, but you and your dog could do so much better. Pictures are stored in the 8MB of onboard memory. TakaraTomy’s cutting-edge software then allows these doggy memories to be pasted into a virtual doggy diary (which the company has already set up).

The company has also set up a community for sharing your dog's photos, I can see the fabulous effects of this camera. Sharing doggy photo art, doggy christmas cards, family portraits taken by your dog, and maybe even a Dog Photography Awards show?

Thanks Digital Tokyo!


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