Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sidekick ID 2.5 SKiD 4 Shrt

Rumor has it. Rumor always has it..

Who is Rumor? And What does Rumor have?

Rumor is CrunchGear, And they have this:

A slimmed down Sidekick 3 it is ^_^.

It look like it will not be released as an exclusive seeing as it lacks anything other than the bare necessity's.

No VGA camera, No Bluetooth, No MiniSD slot, No MP3.

Call it the Sidekick ID or SKiD for short.

SKiD is For those who just want a phone and a fast IM client without all the other features that you wouldnt use anyway and accompanied by less cost. $100 with a two year contract and $150 with a one year contract.

SKiD will have support for MyFaves and possibly drop in the next two months eventually becoming "free with activation" possibly.

via [crunchgear, flickr, hiptop3, googleimages]


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