Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Shop-A-Holic's Dream Come True!

I loooove love shopping!

Yes, my name is Klaudia and I'm a shop-a-holic. I avoid going to the mall just because I know I will leave with less in my bank account, but more in my shopping bag.

Still I have to admit it’s my way of having fun. The only thing I dread aside from the paying part, is having to try on all the different clothing items.

During the holidays it’s almost impossible!

Long lines, wrong sizes, undoing and re-doing, all before even reaching the long line at the register.

Well alas a solution!

Thanks to Nanette Lepore and her department in the New York City
Bloomingdales, we may be able to say bye bye bye to the dreadful fitting room.

Lepore has installed and began testing interactive projection mirrors. They work by projecting a picture of an article of clothing and allows the person to see what they would look like wearing it, without actually having to go through the painful process of trying it on.

Think that’s cool? Well there is more…once the clothing item is projected onto the person, a camera will capture the image of what the person looks like wearing the clothing and upload it online. Once online, friends and family can visit the site and give their feedback beforethe shopper has to make a final decision.

This is definitely one of my dreams come true = )

Stay tuned…the IconNicholson system will be coming soon to stores in Tokyo and Las Vegas.



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