Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Second Life adopts Moo Cards

Have you ever wanted to bring your Second Life into your Real Life? Here is your chance, Second Life has recently adopted Moo Cards, mini-business cards with brilliantly colored graphics. You can give these Mini Cards to your friends, colleagues, family, pet, etc.

Moo.com, launched a service September 2006 allowing users to make online images into MiniCards. The cards come boxes of 100 where users can have 1-100 different images in their set. On the back of the cards, users can include text and a buddy icon. Mini Cards are intended to be like a personal calling card.

To create Moo Cards, you first take snapshots in your exciting, anything goes Second Life. Capture your favorite avatars, designer-decorated pad, your beloved dog Sparky II, or maybe the bright red tulips in your newly planted garden.

Mail these snapshots to to secondlife@moo.com. Once they've received them you can crop, personalize and purchase them at http://www.moo.com/secondlife. Moo will print and ship your mini-cards to you anywhere in the real world. Make sure to let Groupster know how fabulous your Moo Cards turn out.


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