Friday, March 30, 2007

Public Access WiFi

We as Americans have the luxury of an Internet connection every two blocks (Starbucks, McDonald's, or you can even leech off of someone's home wireless if there's no protection). Even our rural areas have Internet connections ("linksys-cornfield-1").

Other Countries are not so lucky, but recently in rural sections of Paraguay, India, Cambodia, and Rwanda, city buses are getting equipped with WiFi boxes. Allowing the people to finally have some sort of Internet, the buses will provide previously stored web content that is updated when the bus arrives in a city with an Internet connection.

If a villager can't access something, it's because the bus didn't store it on its server. Think of the bus as a "data delivery truck" of sorts. A person can pay a little more for his Internet data and the bus will bring him what he is looking for. The bus also carries emails and packages from place to place.



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