Monday, March 12, 2007

PSP2?! Heck Yeah!

That was an idea of what the psp lite would look like

I have a PSP, I never got too into it though (aside from GTA stories games). I thought it was pretty decent as a handheld system alltogether.

Now there is rumor conformation that there will be a PSP2. It started with rumors that PSP would be redesigned like the Nintendo DS, but Sony dispelled rumors of redesigning their PSP.

So Third Party video game publishers are buzzing about securing a spot to have PSP2 games to accompany the launch. Which sounds like a PSP2 is very official.

What can we expect on PSP2? A Screen as good as the last one? Backwards compatibility?

Yeah! Plus more

  • The screen is gorgeous
  • The loads are faster
  • Improved buttons
  • Internal flash — 8GB
  • Possible touch-screen
  • Possible built-in camera
  • Uses UMD
Throw in email and wi-fi and youve got my money Sony!

Thanks Kotaku & Gizmodo!


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