Friday, March 02, 2007

Oh Moto, Now You're for Everyone!

I think I'm in love... with the fact that Motorola has opened up an exclusive on-line store that sells all models of their phones.

What? That isn't enough for you? Fine. All of their phones are also UNLOCKED!

Yes, UNLOCKED! That means it doesn't matter what plan you have: Verizon, or Sprint, or T-Mobile, or etc, now you can have that RAZR, or KRZR, or PEBL, or etc. of your choosing.

Still not enough for you? STILL? Well then, how about this...
Shhhh... Don't tell anyone.

And the Secret Code is... (case-sensitive)... "FRND_68630"

That little baby will get you 15% off purchases when used before March 12th.

Oh, YEAH!!!
Have fun shopping!


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