Tuesday, March 27, 2007

NIMNIM Leaves You Fresh

To all those who are aficionados of fly style, fresh swag, and the finer things with a hint of underground. And who listen to music ranging from Esthero & Portishead to Lupe Fiasco or even Max Minelli. You like Nike Dunks, Adidas, maybe even Chancletas or Huraches. You believe in solid individuality or follow trends. It doesn't really matter. Do what you do!

My brother recently told me about a blog site called NIMNIM. It's a blog portal run by prominent individuals involved in one way or another with urban fashion, whether they make the stuff or just wear it.

It isn't exclusively fashion though - there's all types of cool stuff in there. And it's updated by celebrity bloggers, boutique owners, pro-skaters, high profile observers, photographers, even Lupe Fiasco. So expect the randomness you usually find in blogs. You could compare it to Hypebeast.

Stick with the Groupster too ^_^ I know you all love us!



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