Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Internet Game Planet Cazmo

Sim City... The Sims... Secondlife...Now Planet Cazmo!
Aimed towards pre teens & Teenagers, Planet Cazmo is a new life simulator game by Pileated Pictures.

What makes games nowadays fun? Like Second Life, games that allow Choice! The option to customize has been in all my favorite video games, and as the world keeps turning and games keep coming out, customization features continue to get deeper and more creative.

You can customize your 3D character and house that resides in the world of Planet Cazmo.

Its a whole world for you to explore, with other people playing just like you are, so you can interact with them and trade items.

The in-game currency is Cazmo Points, which you get through playing mini-games. You can exchange Cazmo Points to get all types of cool stuff.

Standard game play is free, and you can buy memberships to enhance your Planet Cazmo experience.

You can sign up for Planet Cazmo right now and you will be notified via email when the Beta version is available. I signed up with my own email and I'll let you Groupsters know about things asap.

Thanks Planet Cazmo!


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