Thursday, March 15, 2007

NBC Goes It's Own Digital Way

NBC Universal and vMix have signed on to launch a web channel dedicated solely to distributing digital clips of their successful t.v. shows. It seems as if the yet-unsigned distribution deal with Google's YouTube has excited NBC to branch out an do it their own way.

Also in the news, NBC will begin to provide on-line mobil content for cell phones through MobiTV. $1.99 will get you a 24-hour subscription to "Heroes," "The Office, " or all your other peacock productions. It seems that NBC Uni's borthers and sisters (USA, Bravo, SciFi, etc) will be soon to follow with ad-supported on-demand shows for free.

It looks as if once NBC makes a decision it MOVES on it!

Thanks to Reuters and CrunchGear for information used in this article.


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