Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MLB 07: The Show: Give Me A Try

MLB: The Show series is pretty dope. It came through as the underdog last year in 06, but left out as the Champ.

Being one of the best sports game of last year, and knowing that sports games always come back the following year Just like Chucky or Jason Vorhees, you would obviously know that 2007 and MLB and Sony would have something special for you.

I came into the blog today ready to deliver you Groupsters the scoop on the going ons of the tech world & all the cool stuff but instead I played Tim in an old fashioned exhibition style game of MLB 07: The Show.

I'm sure you've seen stuff about the MLB 07: The Show on The Groupster before. Well here's more ^_^ but in my honest opinion Its really fun.

Tim & I played 9 innings with an end score of Tim's 6 to my 12. With a little practice I'll be a monster at the game.

With MLB 07: The Show's online compatibility I can take on any Groupster that would like to play me. Any Challengers?

I've got the basics of the controls down. When you learn all the extras, you get some nice advantage over the other player.

And has anyone played it? Own it? Tried it out? Interested in trying it out? Tell me about it.

Check out the review on IGN


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