Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Microsoft To Drop Zune

I thought the Zune was pretty darn cool. I'm all for Beaming beats & shooting the RF beam through people's heads.


Sadly, Apple's got me jacked on ipods (ha ha stupid pun). Started with a 60GB 4th gen Photo ipod, had a 1st gen mini, I gave my 2 GB 2nd gen to my little cousin because I got it for free and it wasn't enough memory for me, and now I'm 4 giggin' with a Nano, and a year later ... it's time for a new one ^_^

The whole market for digital media players is saturated with iPods, with just a little bit of room for a Zune. Zune sales are pretty good, but I'm sure its not even holding a headphone to the iPod. I mean the volume doesn't even get as loud as an iPod!!

Microsoft is chalking its whole thing going with the Zune. So that picture of the Zune with a bad case of "blue screen of death" is all too appropriate.

It's said that Microsoft is nixing the Zune to work on bigger and better things like the 3D Audio process on a super innovative level. Basically, they're speakers that play music in your direction according to your orientation in a room, so that no one else really hears it. I can see someone hacking that and putting people in a bubble of loud noise.



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