Friday, March 30, 2007

Michael Jackson, 45 Feet Taller

Oh Mike... you been sippin' on dat Jesus Juice for a long time. Haven't you!?

Vegas is a crazy place & I know they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Yeah, Yeah..

I remember back in the day when you were a giant statue. It was cool back then, dude.

But what the heck are you thinking making yourself into a Voltron of sorts?

Michael Jackson has been talking pretty seriously about building a 50 ft. robo-replica of himself that will aimlessly roam the desert of Las Vegas firing lasers at jackalopes and crushing scorpions beneath his mighty boots.

It's a prop to go along with a show he has in Vegas.

I would like to draw attention to the fact that the Jacksons do a good job of malfunctioning during shows. (Janet at the Superbowl, Mike's Jerri Curl juice catching fire)

If the Jacko-bot malfunctions I'm sure the Sphinx at the Luxor wouldn't mind taking him on. Or we could get the little guy from Honey I Blew Up The Kid.



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