Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Magnificent GyroCopterCycle

When I'm not writing stuff for the Groupster, I'm either looking at shoes or fighting Crime.

I usually have a hard time getting to the scene in time on the bus, and I don't have psychic premonitions to know when somethings gonna happen and leave an hour before.

So I think I may invest in a PAL-V GyroCopter Tricycle.

Right now its a concept for a single seat 3 wheel luxury car that rides super smooth. Its got blades that pull a Jetscream and folds out from on top of the vehicle to take you air born up to about 4,000 ft.

Vigilantes and those alike will be able to get around on land or air at 200 Km/h.

The guys behind this will be making a prototype soon. If they make it work like its supposed to I'm sure we'll all be hearing about it.

Expect baler's & tycoons alike riding these in 2009.

via [Bornrich]


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