Friday, March 30, 2007

Laugh your way to an A

One thing I learned in five years of university teaching is that presentation matters. Yeah, we all like to think that grading is a completely objective and quantifiable act but here’s the ugly truth: It’s not.

As fair as you try to be as a teacher, you just might find at the end of the semester that the kid who asked questions, came in for extra help, and, hey, made an effort to entertain you every once in a while is doing a little better than the one who didn’t – even if they leave the class with the same number of facts in their sweet little heads.

Between a tear-soaked sheet of blank paper and one that made you laugh, which would you give the higher grade for effort?

To see more hilarious and creative work from students who didn't know the answer, go here.

And, by the way, it works the other way, too. There must have been other people who got the right answer in this class, but this guy was the only one to get an A.

Thanks to Tyler!

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