Thursday, March 22, 2007

In The Future: Coca Cola Fuels Gadgets

Coca Cola gives some bloggers their kick that lets them bring you cool new stuff, I prefer to run on Rockstars, Sobe Adrenaline, and Redbull. Out of Coke and Pepsi, I prefer Pepsi from the can, and Coke from fast food places.

All preferences aside though, researchers at the University of St. Louis don't just drink Coke. They develop ways to use Coke to power their electronics.

They developed a fuel cell that can be powered by any sugary substance. Its possible 711 could become your new Gas station.

The technology is in the early stages still, but contains the possibility of being able to work 3-4 times better than those lithium-ion batteries that we use in our everyday devices.

We may be able to expect conventional use within the next five years.



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