Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How They Look Now: Camp Nowhere Edition

Ever look back into your childhood (I know, it can be frightening) and think about all those movies you used to watch? I used to be obsessed with My Girl, The Sandlot and Welcome to the Dollhouse when i was a youngin. I recently found this really rad blog called How They Look Now which is pretty much a blog that stakes out the stars of days past and follows up on, you guessed it, how they look now. You wouldn't believe the freaks they come up with! I know you all remember the epic 1994 movie Camp Nowhere, so sit back and look at how these fools look now!

Dennis Van Welker the freakish camp counselor played by Christopher Lloyd

Not that big of a change, he still looks old! Ps. Nice glasses.

That little geek Mud Himmel played by Jonathan Jackson

Wow, over 10 years and the kid still hasn't changed his hair! Impressive. He's in a band now called enation. I'm sure they're like, suuuuuuuuper popular!!! In Taiwan!

The hot bully (aka one of my first Tiger Beat pin ups holla) Zack Dell played by Andrew Keegan

Ew. He looks like that creepy guy at partys who you AVOID AVOID AVOID. No thank you!

Gaby Nowicki
the female geeky counterpart to Mud played by Melody Kay

Good God! Can you even believe that's her? I don't know where her career is now, but I'm sure it involves lots of modeling on QVC!!

That little skanky chick Trish Prescott played by Marne Patterson

Years later, and classy as ever!

Be sure to check out How They Look Now for even more



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