Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Halo Wars Fact or Fiction?

Depending on your Keywords, a you tube search will bring up some cool stuff. It could be a topic you think you know a lot about and are up to date with.

I searched for video updates for Halo 3 on youtube. It brought up a trailer for something called "Halo Wars".

I didn't know if it was a series created by a fan/ a series created by bungie/ or if it was a game.

So I Googled "Halo Wars". Apparently its an RTS game in the works by Ensemble Studios. It will play like Age of Empires and Warcraft/Starcraft.

The action wont have the thrill of Halo's in-combat action, but I'm sure it will appeal to Halo fans. Sending numerous warthogs & scorpion tanks to battle sounds like fun though. I was really into Starcraft.

Ensemble studios is affiliated with Microsoft Games, so it sounds pretty official. At first I thought it was a fans creation and idea because I originally heard of Halo Wars through a youtube video.

Theres an FAQ on the Halo Wars site, but the information is kind of "wait and see" and not to clear with the questions asked, so I guess we wait and see whats going on with that, expect updates, and tell me what you know Groupsters. ^_^

Thanks Youtube!


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