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Halo 3's Spiker

I haven't really had any reason to get an Xbox 360, my roommate and I had one around when it first came out and I wasn't into the earlier games. I am however a die hard Halo fan and I go hard at it.

When it comes to Halo for me, its a family thing. System linking two-three Xboxs at my house used to bring Uncles, Fathers, Cousins, sisters and brothers sneaking up on each other "pwning" each other with weapons ranging from Shotguns to Laser Swords. Nothing says "I Love You bro" like fragging his Halo Man.

With Halo 3 getting closer to its release date, there is more anticipation than the "Detox" by Dr. Dre (minus the helter-skelter on and off release dates).

With that said, I have justified things for me to copy and paste the Specs to the "Spiker" for you Groupsters. The "Spiker" is a new weapon for Halo 3.

The Spiker
Posted by Frankie at 2/28/2007 4:19 PM PST


Excerpt from long-term, in-field interview with the soldiers of E2-BAG/1/7.

Type-25 Carbine (Spiker)

Length (o/a): 81.7 cm (32.17 in.)

Length (barrel): 25.4 cm (10 in.)

Weight (empty): 6.4 kg (14.2 lbs)

Weight (loaded): 7 kg (15.5 lbs)

Cartridge: Unknown

Effective range: 40 meters (131 ft)

Muzzle velocity: 76.2 m/s (250 f/s)

Magazine capacity: 40 rounds

Rate of fire: 480 rnds/min

Unit Replacement Cost: NA


The type-25 carbine is a magazine fed weapon designed for automatic fire. The weapon has two tungsten-alloy bayonet-type attachments.

If you know Halo, I would say its like a Carbine Rifle plus a Brute shot.

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