Friday, March 16, 2007

Halo 3 Comming September

I read on IGN that there would be a November release for Xbox360's highly anticipated release of Halo 3...

But later I read that Microsoft just might let it out a little earlier to beat the holiday rush. That would be September.

Microsoft only tells of a Fall Release so September could be a rumor, a mere pipe dream for fanboys? Everybody loves Halo though, so an early release would make everyone happy.

This Groupster right here (Said) will take on any challenger in a round or two when it releases. Hooray for online!

"The original Halo shipped with the launch of the first Xbox in November 2001. The sequel, Halo 2, shipped in November 2004. With both games, Microsoft's strategy was to give Bungie as much time as possible to hone and polish their title before reaching QA and the finalization process. But this time, Bungie is on schedule and aims to surprise the world by shipping two months earlier than assumed. IGN was told that was the goal, at least. With all development processes, nothing is certain, both added. Halo 3 could need another month or two, pushing it to October or the assumed November slot if necessary."

Thanks Joystiq & Ign!


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