Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gwen Stefani Infiltrates Idol Mania

Gwen Stefani and our Idols have been working hard all week to prepare for tonight's American Idol show. The contestants will sing pop songs from any era, many that have influenced Gwen Stefani in her career. I'm hoping for stellar performances by my favorites Haley and Sanjaya! Below are song choices, performance order and outfit [from my most valued and trusted online source]:

Lakisha Jones [“Love Has a Mind of Its Own” by Donna Summer] will be adorned with jewels and a long blue dress. This is Lakisha’s chance to redeem herself from last week’s boring, uninspiring rendition of ‘Diamonds are Forever’

Blake Lewis [“Love Song” by the Cure] will wear black pants and white dress shirt. It will be interesting to see if Blake can keep the spark and success he's had in modernizing all of his songs.

Jordin Sparks [“Hey Baby” by No Doubt] definitely embodies the biggest transformation we have seen on Idol so far. She will wear a pink dress with splits down the leg. I’m a moderate fan because of her striking voice, but I’m still waiting for her to sparkle.

Chris Richardson [“Don’t Speak” by No Doubt] our notorious K-fed look-alike, who is beloved by the ladies, will wear a black shirt, brown shorts, and a bandana.

Gina Glocksen [“Just Like A Pill” by Pink’] will wear a black tank top and white skirt. I’m hoping I won’t need a pill to enjoy this performance.

Phil Stacey [“Every Breath You Take” by the Police] will wear a blue shirt, black pants, and will hopefully be annoying and boring enough to be voted off tomorrow night.

Haley Scarnato [“True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper] my Idol favorite (she looks like mybrother’s girlfriend) will wear a long pink dress. I’m always excited and nervous to see how she'll perform. She is the perfect Idol contestant because you never know what you’re gonna to get.

Sanjaya Malakar [“Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5] my second favorite contestant will wear black rockstar pants and a bright blue shirt. This performance will surely bring down the house.

Melinda Doolittle [“Sunset People” by Donna Summer] will wear a giant red gown. I don’t really trust her; I don’t think she’s really that nice.

Chris Sligh [“Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by the Police] will wear a brown shirt, black pants. He’s kind of dull, but I really enjoyed his updated version of the Diana Ross song Endless Love.

It’s rumored that Antonella Barba and other Top 24 will be featured on tonight’s episode and people will be able to vote on an 11th line for a previously booted contestant to join the AI tour.

Please help our America’s ‘pensive’ bad girl Antonella get on the AI tour tonight! Don’t forget to vote for Sanjaya and Haley. They are my sole source of television entertainment (besides Heather Mills on Dancing with the Stars with one leg)! The magic starts tonight at 8pm on Fox.

Thanks American Idol and Oh No They Didn't!


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