Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Guns For Gear

I've heard of trading in your illegal guns before. It was really big in the 90's, when the idea was popularized by Family Matters. Well, now Mexican law enforcement has set it up so gangsters, thugs, and those who love them can trade firearms for Xboxes, PCs, & cash. The electronic hardware was donated by Microsoft.

So if you want to help get rid of some of the guns and violent crimes in the streets of Mexico, a high-cal weapon will get you a new PC, and a handgun will get you an Xbox. So far they've traded Xboxes & PCs for 17 firearms and hopefully there will be more.

Also, if the plan rolls the way they want it, the plan will spread it to other parts of Mexico.

They're gonna want their guns back when they find out its just an discontinued Xbox, not an Xbox360.



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