Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Groupster Random Short

Heres some random Junk for you Groupsters.

The R2D2 boxes really hit the street. The Postal service just covered mailboxes with either paint or a large R2D2 Sticker.

They are to commemorate the 30th anniversery postage stamp for Star Wars.

Peep TheForce.net


I discovered
"Recuts" on Youtube. From Fight Club to Forrest Gump, aswell as other letters of the alphabet. I couldnt post the video here though. So check the link ^_^

Apple Tv is shipping now. The words "any day now". yea, I can hear it now.

Yep, any day now.

Seriously though, in the next 3-5 business day.


Black Xbox360 for those who cant let go of the aesthetics of the precursor.


larger 120GB hard drive, HDMI output and an HDMI cable will retail for approximately US $479

BoingBoing has the "poor service" snitch line. Comedy.
I dont really feel that way though. You can tell me how I'm blogging in a comment.

via the internet ^_^. Links are hyper-linked.