Friday, March 16, 2007

Get Revenge

Got noisy neighbors? You hate to deal with their excessive partying? You tell them politely that they are too loud very frequently? Fed up? Feel you need to fight fire with fire?

How about fight it with the Revenge CD.
Pop this CD into your ghetto blaster sound system, put your earplugs in, Crank it, and play tracks like:

  • Unhappy Dog
  • Violin Practice (They really mean "Practice")
  • House Party
I'm sure other track titles could be something in the line of "Drum Practice" and "Early Morning Renovation".

Your other neighbors may call the police on you.

I do not advocate the use of synthetic loud noise. However I do encourage having fun and making your own with regard for others around you.

Thanks Perpetual Kid & PopGadget

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