Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gas Powered Boots

Yes. Gas powered boots.
Not "New Shoes For The Whip". Not "Diesel Shoes". And definetly not boots that have IBS.

These are gasoline powered pogo boots that strap to your shins. Think Young Forest Gump + lawnmower + pogo stick.

Take that and you have Viktor K. Gordeyev's Russian method for making the words "running" and "Easy" a little bit more similar.

So the Pogo boots work like this. You strap them on, put 1/3 a cup of Gasoline per shoe, turn them on, and run. The pogo pistons push off the ground after each step. The result is you run and jump faster & higher. Up to 21.7 MPH. Theres still always the chance of losing balance.

But Faster & Stronger Legs?

Yep. The Russian Military made this a secret in 1994 and considered using it for troops. But now the scientists of Russia want to bring them to the public.

Diesel Powered Parkour!

We got a buzz off of Moon-shoes during the 90's, but now it looks like we are going to get our fix from gasoline boots.

via Complex + NYTimes


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