Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fashion & Technology Converge with the Soundwalk

The Soundwalk is a new sports vest that carries your iPod and cellphone, it features amplifier speakers on both shoulder straps. Its hands-free selector allows you to switch between MP3 player and cellphone. This vest will help decrease the recent traffic accidents with bikers and inliners wearing head phones (which dull outer-sounds like motor vehicles). Also the reflective lines protect you during night-time activities.

Technology-wise and safety-wise this appears to be a dream product. But its useability and appearance make it incredibly undesireable. It's enough effort get out the door for a run, who wants to hook up all of their technology to a vest that hangs around your neck. If I saw someone running with this, I would just stare. I'm also in awe, confusion, and respect for the bold advertising campaign. The 'Soundwalk girl' obviously loves the Soundwalk, but is it an ingenius product of Fashion and Technology converging or does she just really love having her picture taken with it?

The Soundwalk is available in red or black for $69.99.
You can purchase it here at wowzzers.com

Thanks Ubergizmo and ICTblog!


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Anonymous said...

omg im so getting one when they're available at H&M WHOA(joey lawrence) WHOA