Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Equal Opportunity Fashion

Today is undoubtedly an epic day for men all around the world. Their long awaited dreams of finally being able to dress like Prince have been answered! Fashion designer Marjan Pejoski (most recognized for the infamous Bjork swan dress) has created the long awaited Maleggings and Meels. Finally! Although this look is definitely for the eccentric (and Tom Cruise), I think that many hipster types and fashionistas will gravitate toward it, too. I remember in high school when my guy friends started asking me for my old jeans, a bit odd, but the guys-in-girl-pants look is now quite mainstream. I still think it looks ridiculous, and I was pretty put off when my friends could fit in my old size 3 jeans. It just isn't right! But, fashion has become a very liberal form of expression, and walking down the streets of Los Angeles you would not be surprised to see men in skirts, girl jeans or as myself and fellow Groupster Tim once laid eyes upon, a man in a sunflower print dress and cardigan. Gorgeous.

I think that we can expect to see many guys dressing like Miss Mary-Kate Olsen very soon, like it or not!



Overpriced Designer Manbag said...


i'm at a loss for words. i mean, i'm glad hedi slimane is finally gone, but that was just the tip of the androgyny iceberg.

The Groupster said...

we're entering a whole new era, and it ain't pretty! ps whos hedi slimane?