Friday, March 30, 2007

Ebay Items of the Week Round 2

Since I have been dead broke since a ridiculously expensive trip to San Francisco last week, (I literally don't even have enough money to buy a damn thing at the 99 cent store. 98 for that matter. It's sad.) I have taken up the good ol' hobby of window shopping. Which I hate - it's a flippin' tease! So feel free to bid the night away on these, because this ebay warrior is on a temporary leave of absence.

I'm always down with a dope little hippie dress. And this, my friends, is a dope little hippie dress indeed.

You haven't truly experienced life until you wear a shirt with an ascot. Feel the magic!

Indie Cult Vintage
Such cute shoes, and really good for summer.

Okay, I know that polka dots are massively overplayed, but come on! How could you resist the cuteness!?

High-waisted jeans are going to be the new skinny pants, I'm telling you!



mk said...

mk and posh were just seen wearing high wasted pants! i want one!

The Groupster said...

You can expect Britney to be jumping on this bandwagon next. High waist takeover!