Monday, March 05, 2007

Dog Fetches Money From Bank

Guard dogs, Seeing eye dogs, Hearing dogs, Prison inmate dogs and etc. help their human Ace Boon Coons with an array of tasks that may be a little more difficult or impossible due to restrictions caused by injury, incarceration, birth defects, and many other things.

Now Dogs assist those in need of assistance by withdrawing money from the ATM. Its confirmed You can teach a dog new tricks. (Maybe Greyhound buses will really be driven by actual Greyhounds? Kidding)

Assistance dogs undergo two years of training to be able to help their masters with withdrawing money from lowered ATM machines.

Its been seen that dogs are very capable of performing a lot of everyday tasks to help people in many ways despite their lack of opposable thumbs (lol). Hopefully in the future we'll see more things from our canine counterparts. (What happened to Dalmatians helping firemen?)

Thanks Coolest-Gadgets!


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