Thursday, March 01, 2007

CompUSA Closing Up 50 Percent Of Their Stores

Comp USA holds many memories for me as an adolescent. I would buy blank Cd's to create mixes of my favorite music that I would give to my friends, a lot of Computer games (GTA 3, Warcraft, Starcraft, 3D Movie Maker, etc), and a lot of incompatible devices and software (because I was running with Windows 98 way after ME & XP came out).

I Would visit Comp USA with my best friend after we rode our bikes to go Caddy at the local country club. I would look at video games there while my Mother shopped at Bed Bath & Beyond, and TJ Maxx.

Enough reminiscing though. I say all that because Comp USA was a part of my growing up (that sounds so nerdy), and the company isn't going out of business, but it is closing down 126 stores ( roughly about half).

The lot of them are OLD stores that lose customers to Best Buy and Circuit City.

Expect this to happen in the next two to three months along with the rumor that the business is up for sale by owner (rich Man #3) Carlos Slim.

Sweet Sweet Retirement.

Thanks Crunch Gear!

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