Monday, March 26, 2007

But He Broke My Playstation!

Alan Stirling of Edinburgh, Scotland. Was sentenced to four years in prison for "
culpable homicide". Alan beat up a man for breaking his electronic device, which is said to be a "Playstation" or "computer" of sorts.

He kicked & punched the snot out of the man in a drunken, emotional rage. Alan was what I call "On One". By the time the man could get help from the paramedics he was flat-lining.

So Alan gets four years in prison for sort-of-involuntary manslaughter. In my opinion he got off pretty easy. Four years in prison coupled with losing your playstaion is a small price to pay for taking a mans life.

However, I don't think Alan's case is up there with Philadelphia Rapper Cassidy who served 11 1/2 months for misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter.



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