Friday, March 23, 2007

Bill Gates Ex College Dropout

Congratulations to Bill Gates. Not only are you one of the worlds richest Billionaires, You're going to have a Harvard Diploma.

Did you know college grads can make anywhere from 20-80 Grand per year as a starting salary? Bill doesn't need to worry about that though. 80 G's covers his phone bill.

Bill Gates is to receive his Harvard Degree 32 years after dropping out to become one of the worlds wealthiest money maker.

"I am very pleased that the Harvard community will have the opportunity to hear from Bill Gates on June 7," Harvard Alumni Association President Paul Finnegan said in a statement. "His contributions to the world of business and technology, and the great example he has set through his far-reaching philanthropy, will rightfully put him on center stage in Harvard Yard."
Its real cool that even though hes one of the richest men in the world & one of the biggest nerds, that he would get a diploma even after being set for life and having things laid out for his family too. I don't know if he took classes and finished or if Harvard is just going to give it to him.

Kanye needs to stop playing!



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