Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Addiction To Be Vaccinated

According to scientists, when it comes to chemical dependency there is no such thing as Cold Turkey. Chemical addiction must be treated chemically.

Its been fore casted that later this year addiction is very likely to be treated with an anti-addiction vaccine. (Cocaine, Nicotine, Methamphetamine, Alcohol, Food, and other chemicals.)

The vaccine will make drugs and other things that cause euphoria unable to get into your brain to cause the pleasure that forms a habit making it pretty useless for the chemical to be used and the addiction is gone with little to no signs of withdrawal. (in theory, but that's what scientists are aiming to achieve. People vaccinated for nicotine had less than half stop smoking without signs of withdrawal. For this to work with other drugs would make rehab and detox run smoother and more effectively.)

There is much to work on, right now scientists are researching differences in genes that make an individual more susceptible to addiction. When they crack that it will really help in improving anti-addiction vaccines.

Thanks Popsci!


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